Friday, 20th October 2017
Puzzles Solved Yesterday: 151
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Results are taken from the past 7 days of puzzles.

Rank Solver Puzzles Solved Time Taken
1. MondSemmel 7 11m 5s
2. Jankonyex 7 14m 31s
3. Nimrod 7 15m 3s
4. Authority 7 15m 22s
5. Darklady 7 20m 9s
6. pqg 7 26m 52s
7. krusty7 7 27m 14s
8. queenie 7 30m 58s
9. Geoff 7 31m 8s
10. Tilps 7 35m 9s

Daily Champions

Select a day to see the top 10 for that day.

Day Champion Time Taken
Friday Jankonyex 1m 19s
Thursday Darklady 55s
Wednesday Nimrod 45s
Tuesday Authority 47s
Monday Brian 37s
Sunday MondSemmel 2m 18s
Saturday Nimrod 2m 43s
Champions Total:9m 24s
Best Ever Champions Total: 7m 43s
Achieved by: Brian, MondSemmel
On Friday, 27th May 2011 (history)
Latest daily puzzle solved: byron solved Tuesday's puzzle in 3m 57s
Latest club joined: MTBinDurham joined Club 59 more than a week ago