Friday, 20th April 2018
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Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 1083
Best Total: 12m 56s
Posted - 2006.06.25 13:59:37
A new Best Ever Champions Total and seven individual contributors. I doubt that has happened before? And some very beatable times over the next few days to push it down a bit further, and for someone else to get their name on the board.
Kwon-Tom Addict
Puzzles: 362
Best Total: 24m 51s
Posted - 2006.06.25 17:49:30
Wow! Didn't even notice. It's a shame I'll be out of town this week- I'm going to miss out on all the "best-ever-champion's-time-lowering" fun. Guess I'll go print off the leaderboard page and frame it while there's still time...

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