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Puzzles in posts - updated
Kwon-Tom Admin
Puzzles: 1720
Best Total: 24m 8s
Posted - 2006.06.22 22:50:45
I've had a play around with the forum code so it's a bit more flexible on puzzles in forum posts. The puzzle designer is no longer in a pop-up window, puzzles can be up to 10x10 in size, and you can add borders to them to indicate edges of the board.

Here's a simple example:-

Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 607
Best Total: 16m 43s
Posted - 2006.06.22 23:15:20
just testing:

Last edited by m2e - 2006.06.22 23:15:30
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 1198
Best Total: 20m 57s
Posted - 2006.06.23 02:17:32
I made this puzzle. It is very easy. But for some of the begginners it covers alot of the basic strategies used for the harder puzzles. I already checked it for uniqueness and it is one of a kind. It is not meant to be much of a challenge, just a good practice for newbies. I was playing around with the new puzzles maker and decided to make this. Hope it helps.

Note: most of you with at least fifty puzzles under your belt would not find this puzzle worth your time.
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 3815
Best Total: 9m 35s
Posted - 2006.06.24 10:07:25
Originally Posted by mathmaniac
First I look at your puzzle, the 2 inside the corner3-3 can already be omitted, and of course there are many others.
after a little improvement:

boredom forced me to make these:




If you thank it's waste time, you can go away or just do the Hard puzzle.

extension of 13-1 pattern:

A 3-12-1 pattern in the first puzzle:
this is not true:


Last edited by Jankonyex - 2006.06.25 05:13:02
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 1083
Best Total: 12m 56s
Posted - 2006.06.24 17:16:28
Originally Posted by jankonyex

boredom forced me to make these:


Nice! Thankyou.

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