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kwon-tom later
Kwon-Tom Noob
Puzzles: 4
Posted - 2006.05.18 07:24:04
Is there a way to go to kwon-tom wrong for a puzzle I previously completed, and didn't look at ktw at the time?
Kwon-Tom Admin
Puzzles: 1720
Best Total: 24m 8s
Posted - 2006.05.18 07:42:37
No, the only way to get to the wrong is to complete the puzzle... it's more of an "add-on" to the puzzle than a separate entity.
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 1033
Best Total: 38m 17s
Posted - 2006.05.18 07:48:26
You can "Wrong" a single saved puzzle if you save it at completion just before Done.  Reload and click Done to complete the puzzle.  Later you can reload and "Done" again to "Wrong" it.
Not general, but it works for the puzzle of the day.

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